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Work In Estonia

Another awesome commercial has emerged from Work In Estonia. They ran this remarkable commercial promoting the advantages and benefits of working in the tiny Baltic nation, Estonia. The ad was very on point and informational – a chill pill for skeptics. Featuring clips from the beautiful tourist sites to the technological advancement that the country is now known for: E-government, e-business, e-residence etc. This, I believe, worked to build the nation’s brand.

Work In Estoinia understood the power of emotion, perhaps more than any other commercials. It tapped on the national pride and pragmatic spirit of Estonians. Over the years the government of estonia has been keen on promoting the country as a brand for investors, and this seems to be working in their favour.

Speaking of start ups, Estonia is endowed with lots of them. From Skype to TransferWise (the international money transfer), the country is fast becoming the global hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. Unlike other EU countries where English is problem, studying and living in Estonia isnt a problem for English speakers. With reasonable budget, living expenses in estonia is so much fun.

So, if you are thinking about travelling abroad for work, studies or business, think Estonia. Time in Estonia is a well spent time.


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