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Simple Ways To Teach Children To Think Like Entrepreneurs 1

For a fact, one of the hardest things to do is teaching chidren how to think like an entrepreneur. Although the title boldly reads “3 Simple Ways To Teach Children To Think Like Entrepreneurs“, the reality is that teaching adults is a lot easier task than teaching children to be business minded. The Internet has revolutionalized everything we know about learning. Often people ask at what age a child is capable of understanding entrepreneurial skills. The answer is simple: as long as your child is old enough to be in school, then he or she is old enough to start learning how to be a successful entrepreneur.

Consider this, if a child is trained from the tender age to play the Violin or any other musical instrument, chances are the skill will stick with that child until adulthood. And perhaps it would evolve from skill into passion in later life. Likewise, teaching your child how to perform or execute good business skills and creativity will be immensely valuable skills for the future. Moreso, every parent should adopt this simple ways to teach children to think like entrepreneurs. Teaching children to seek out opportunities and take adequate action, will directly impact their level of future success positively.

The mistake most parents generally make is to assume that Entrepreneurs are born, not made. This assumption is totally wrong. A famous philosopher, John Locke (tabula rasa), remarked “a newborn child’s mind is a blank sheet of paper, a clean slate”, in other words everyone is born ignorant. Entrepreneurial skills can and should be taught. Every child’s future depends on learning the kid entrepreneurship skills.

Simple Ways To Teach Children To Think Like Entrepreneurs 2

3 Simple Ways To Teach Children To Think Like Entrepreneurs

1. Allow Brainstorming

It is every business owner desire to transfer their entrepreneurial success to their children. The simple reason would be to pass on the family business but, more so, to see their child creating their own. Allowing kids space to brainstorm would help them to develop confidence, and learn how to create successful lives. Brainstorming helps them to learn how to recognize opportunities. More importantly, start them off early with the business process by investing in their start ups.

2. Coaching on Goal-setting

Teaching your child(ren) how to set and accomplish their goals would inspire them to dreaming big and nourishing ideas. Research shows that 80 percent of written goals are more than likely to be achieved. So, by asking your children to write down their goals, then chosing which goal would make the biggest positive impact, you are motivating them to start taking actions. In addition, guide them through steps necessary to accomplish this goals.

Simple Ways To Teach Children To Think Like Entrepreneurs 3

3. Support their Success, Redirect their Failures

In school we were all taught that failure is bad. However, failure can be a great thing if a positive lesson is learned. So, educate your child to create new ways to accomplish their goals after failure and learning each time from their mistakes. This will help them to persevere during inevitable tought times and become optimistic for new opportunities. The lesson is simple:  Don’t punish your then children fail, rather discuss what factors lead to the failure and seek better ways to prevent it from happening again in the future. The idea is to turn each adversity into “learning lesson” and encourage your children to never give up.

In summary, If you can teach your child to detect a problem and devise a solution, think outside the box in order to pull resources, organize people, and create a working system that deliver solution, then you have successfully trained your child to become a successful entrepreneur.

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